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How To- Securely Erase HDD

Disk Drive Secure Erase for User Data

Download Freeware Secure Erase Utility


Secure Erase Q & A

G.F. Hughes, D.M. Commins, and T. Coughlin, “Disposal of disk and tape data by secure sanitization,” IEEE Security and Privacy, Vol. 7, No. 4, (July/August 2009), pp. 29-34.  [PDF  ucsd only]

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How to Erase a Hard Drive

PC World's Cover Reveals the Truth

PC World’s Cover Reveals the Truth (Photo credit: nep)

Sometimes simply deleting files isn’t good enough. In this how-to video segment, PC World explains a number of simple techniques for permanently and securely removing sensitive data from old drives before recycling or disposing of them.

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