Wilkes-Barre downtown panorama from Laurel Run...

I currently reside in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania located in NorthEast corner of the United States (near Scranton, PA and the infamous Poconos). 

I’ve only been married to one man we have four children and four grandchildren together.My Family (OHANA in Hawaiian) is My World.

Once upon a time I hated being here but today I cannot deny how blessed I’ve been to live in such awesome places. 
Where we are today is what I refer to as ‘GOD’s Country’ because the landscape is so beautiful. Lush green hills fill the Ear popping Mountain’s to Rock bottom Valleys. 

Ramah in the Poconos, pool and lake

Cows and Horses graze in peace as the Deer, wild Turkeys, Rabbits & Bears run wild in the Mountainous forests that cover the hills and valleys everywhere. Strawberries, Plums and Peaches, Cherry tomatoes, Bell Peppers, and Cilantro all here. Tis the time of year for ‘The Farmers Market”  where you can find all kinds of Fruits and Vegetables UP FOR SALE .  
Nothing Like IT….

I come from an Island far west in the Pacific Ocean. Born and Raised on my Island Home in Oahu, Hawaii. I can still smell the Salty air from the Clear Blue Ocean as the Warm Tropical Breeze blows ever so softly through my hair.

Oahu Sunset

I remember ….

one weekend floating on the water. I never felt so much peace as I felt like I was floating on a cloud. NO one yelling, no fighting, just the calm of the ocean taking me I fell asleep. I awoke to find myself very far from the sandy shore than fear gripped my heart and panic struck. That was the first time I really learned to swim. I swam like there was no tomorrow. When I reached the white sands of the shore I ran to my parents and stood near the both of them.

Hawaiian Archipelago - Ka Pae `Aina O Hawai`i ...

Oh How I wish I could go back there again…Before leaving my Island Home I take a stroll on the sand…I Daydream as I stare out into the never-ending Horizon. The WhiteWash of the Blue Ocean creeps up to my feet and  it feels so good. Tears run down my heart as I say my Goodbyes and Whisper my Prayers.My heart pounding so fast, in silence I stood and stared as I prayed to GOD. I thanked My GOD for watching over me. I thanked HIM for my Awesome parents who Loved me Dearly and for My Siblings who were my Best Friends.

I love it…I miss it..I just adore it… The Best of Both Worlds is where I’m from and where I am.

Sunset from Ka'annapali, Maui, Hawaiian Islands

After 5 years of heartache and pain….GOD has granted me reprieve and now I am able to enjoy My Life once again…Nothing else can compare….my Book of Hearts filled with Joy, Love & Happiness where Sorrow & Despair once lingered but No MORE, No MORE….These gracious days are ever so filled with Joy & Laughter…Amen!

Aloha No Kakou….Hello to Everyone….Mahalo Nui Loa….Thank You Very Much!

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